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Western Belt Buckles

Western Belt Buckles

The Western belt buckle came about back in the early days of Hollywood western movies. These belt buckles were usually large and ornate,  scribed with intricate flowing designs in bright shiny silver, brass or tin. This trademark of cowboy fashion caught on and stayed as the movie hero’s evolved from the days of Tom Mix, W. S. Hart, and Hoot Gibson, to the “Duke” John Wayne, Hop-a-long Cassidy, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and many, many more. Today, you can pretty much use the term ‘western belt buckle’ to include buckles with a wide variety of themes. Some are engraved or carved, others molded and cast, typically made from fine silver, pure pewter, brass, zinc, tin, or steel.

The design of today’s belt buckles range from the original western style belt buckles to Biker and Skull belt buckles. From PBR and Rodeo belt buckles to NASCAR belt buckles. From professional and college Sports Teams belt buckles to hip-hop belt buckles, and everything in-between.

Some of the more popular are designed with images of wildlife, especially Eagle belt buckles. Also popular are Patriotic belt buckles, some with flags or a “Proud to be an American” statement, and some that recognize our Armed Forces branches. There are the not so serious, fun loving folks whose fashion statement goes for the Novelty belt buckles, like the Bottle opener (Tailgator) belt buckles. And, then those who are serious collectors of antique belt buckles, custom belt buckles, and numbered limited editions and officially licensed belt buckles.

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Western Style Belt Buckles

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